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Live Broadcasts from Masjidesalaam Bolton

Live streaming of programmes and services from our masjid are hosted by . As with any internet based streaming service, a broadcast delay of 10-20 seconds is expected. Any further delay is usually down to network congestion and the quality of your internet connection. All services are provided completely free. No licences, propriety software or hardware is required to listen to broadcast services from our masjid. Any Internet enabled radio can be programmed to tune-in to our service for the best listening experience. We have a limited number of radios for sale in the masjid priced at £35. If you would like to purchase one please call into the masjid. If you represent a masjid and would like help in setting up a similar service, please drop an email to


To add new stations to your radio, install the “AirMusic Control” app from the Google Playstore or Apple App Store.
Makes sure the device your using the app on is connected on the same wifi network as the radio Open the app and select the device listed as “AirMusic” Use the search function to add the station you want to add.
Select the station and click on the +heart icon next to the station

Amongst other stations you can find the following
Masjid e Salaam, Bolton
Taiyabah Masjid, Bolton
Tafseer Raheemi HLCE, Bolton*
Masjid e Tauheedul Islam, Blackburn
Masjid e Hidayah, Manchester
Masjid e Umer, Leicester
East London Mosque, London
Masjid Live – pre recorded talks & programmes
eMasjid Live – Quran Recitation
Makkah Live – Live Transmission from Masjid al-Haram Shareef (Qiraat Broadcast at non-prayer times)
Radio Sunna – Live Transmission from Masjid e Nabawi (Hadeeth Broadcast at non-prayer times)

*only broadcasts when live otherwise will show “failed to connect message”